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All services have been suspended until June 14.          

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Pastor Wayne R. Toutaint            

“Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth”

(John 4:23-24).


Greetings Church Family,

We will be opening on June 14th!

As I said in my last letter there will be some changes. We will not be “taking” an offering by passing the plate as we normally would do.  There will be offering plates on the back table that you can put your offering in either when you come into the church, or when you leave.

Bulletins will not be handed out. They too will be on the back table for you to take when you first arrive.  There will be no handshakes or hugs. There will be no congregating at the back of the church. If you want to talk with someone please do so outside.

Those who don’t want to wear a mask will be asked to set in the front pews. It will be taped and marked. Those that do wear a mask will be asked to set towards the back of the church, which will also be marked.

We will be sitting in every other pew. Pews will be taped off so that we will all know which pews we should sit in.  This may mean you will not be able to set in your normal pew so please bear with us as we try to ensure the safety of everyone.

If you wear a mask you will be able to sit in the unmasked area, but those without a mask will not be allowed to sit in the masked area.

Families may sit together. If all wear a mask they can sit in the masked area, but if even one does not wear a mask, you will have to sit in the unmasked area.  Again, this is all for the welfare of everyone that attends so that no one feels they are at risk.

There will be hand sanitizer on the back table for those that feel the need to use some.  We do not have face masks, so if you want to wear one please bring your own.

The order of worship will be a little different as we will not be having a regular offering time, nor will we be having a responsive reading.  There will still be hymns to be song. If you are in the masked area, please leave your mask on even while we are singing.  I know this may be a little difficult, but again, for the safety of everyone, please leave them on even while singing.

I will not be taking prayer requests as normal.  If you have a prayer request, please put it on one of the prayer request cards and leave on back table.  Devona and I will pray about your request, and it will be mentioned the following week during the announcements.

I know this all sounds difficult, but it really won’t be.  It may take us a while to get used to, but we will.

Once we see how all this is working, and make changes as needed, we will then open our 8:00 am service as well.  We are going through a trial period and will make changes as appropriate to ensure the safety of everyone. I don’t want anyone to become ill because they came to worship God Almighty.

Because we were unable to celebrate Mother’s Day, we will be having a Parent’s day on July 26th. This way we will be able to recognize both mothers and fathers.

Also, on the 26th of July we will be taking our special offering that we normally take on Palm Sunday.  This offering truly is important to the life of our church as it helps defray many of the additional winter expenses for both the church and parsonage.  It is needed even more this year as our offerings are down due to our not having worship services each week.  So, please keep this offering in mind.

There will not be a church picnic this year.  However, we do have two people that want to be baptized.  I am still not sure of how to make this happen. So, please pray that The Lord will give me insight.

Our annual meeting will be taking place soon and it will be a different format.  There will not be a pot- luck supper beforehand.  In fact, it may take place on a Sunday after our worship service.  I will let you know when this will happen.

God bless and see you all on June 14th!

Pastor Wayne




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