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We will be uploading these messages each week (usually on Mondays) after they are presented during Sunday Morning Worship.

To Hear Messages from 2015, click here.

                                                                                                Study In Revelation
January 10th     Introduction

January 17th      Chapter Four

January 24th     Redemption

January 31st         Four Seals

February 7th       The Fifth Seal

February 14th   The Wrath of The Lamb

February 21st  
Preservation of God's People/Tribulation Saints

February 28th                 First Four Trumpets

March 6th   The Pit of the Abyss       

March 13th    Satanic Slaughter     

April 3rd   When God Breaks His Silence    

 April 10th    The Two Witnesses 

April 17th     More on The Two Witnesses

April 24th      Prelude

May 1st    War In Heaven
(The message on Sunday did not record.
This is the same message recorded after
the service)

May 15th    War On Earth

May 22nd   Beast Out Of The Sea (Part One)

June 12th   Beast Out Of The Sea (Part Two)

July 17th    The Final False Prophet

July 24th    Triumphant Saints

July 31st      First Angel Pronouncing the Good News

August 7th    The Second and Third Angels

August 14th   Blessed Are The Dead

August 21st   The Grain and Grape Harvest

August 28th    The Temple of Doom (part one)

September 4th    The Temple of Doom (part two)

September 11th   Seven Bowls Judgment (Part One)

September 18th  Seven Bowls Judgment (Part Two)

September 25th   Seven Bowls Judgement (Part Three)

October 2nd  Destruction of False Religion (Part One)

October 9th  Destruction of False Religion (Part Two)

October 16th  Longing for Jesus

October 23rd  Praise Ye The Lord, Hallelujah!

October 30th   The King Is Coming...Again

Seven Churches of Revelation


January 3rd         "New Commitments"
March 20th       "When We Feel Unwanted"
March 24th       "Maundy Thursday"
March 27th        "SonRise Service"
March 27th        "Resurrection People"

May 8th             "Is It Well With Your Family?"

May 29th       "Thankful Remembrance"
                    by: Deacon Jeff LaLiberte

            Jeff is preparing for Pastoral Ministry...Good             Job Jeff!

June 5th              "Leadership"

June 19th            "Just Like Me" (Father's Day)

June 26th             "The Church, The Body of Christ"
                                   (Rev. Carolyn Hanley)

July 3rd               "The Right Shepherd and                                            "Righteous     Branch as True King"
                                (Rev. Gary Laselle)

July 10th               "The Father's Love"
                        by: Deacon Jeff LaLiberte

November 6th        "No Turning Back"

November 13th       "What Does God Say About ....                                      Work?"

November 20th        "Be Thankful for the Right                                            Reasons"

November 27th          "Lift Up Your Heads!"

December 4th             "Peace Comes to Our Hearts"

December 18th            "Made for Joy"

December 21st            "The Hopes and Dreams of                                          God"
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