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We will be uploading these messages each week (usually on Mondays) after they are presented during Sunday Morning Worship.

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"The Secret to a Great New Year"                                         January 1st                                      Matthew 3:1-17

"The Millennium"                                                                  January 8th                                      Revelation 20:1

"Preparation for The Kingdom"                                             January 15th                                    Revelation 20:1-3
"Resurrected Saints"                                                                      January 22nd                                   Revelation 20:1-4
"God Deals With Sin And Sinners"                                       January 29th                                     Revelation 20:1-11

"All Things New (Part One)"                                                 February 5th                                    Revelation 21:1-27

"All Things New (Part Two)"                                                February 12th                                   Revelation 21:1-27

"Come Lord Jesus!! (Part One)"                                           February 19th                                   Revelation 22:1-21

"Come Lord Jesus!! (Part Two)"                                           February 26th                                    Revelation 22:1-21

"Wages of Sin"                                                                       March 5th                                          Matthew 15

Message not recorded

"Now What?"                                                                         March 19th                                        2 Chronicles 7:11-22

"Baby Steps"                                                                          March 26th                                         Luke 5:1-11

"The Resurrection for Today"                                                April 2nd                                            Luke 24:28-48

"The Risen Christ"                                                                 April 9th                                             John 1:1-18

"Remember"                                                                           April 13th                                           Exodus 12:1-28

“It is The Lord”                                                                   April 16th                                         John 21:1-14

 "The Risen Christ and Doubting Thomas"                                        April 23rd                                                   John 20:24-31

“The Methods of the Witnessing Church”                          April 30th                                          Acts 5:42

"The Recovery of Sight"                                                     May 7th                                             Luke 4:14-21

"A Mother's Wages"                                                            May 14th                                           Exodus 2:1-10

"Parting Without Tears"                                                       May 21st                                           Acts 1:1-11

"Every Sunday is a Memorial Day"                                    May 28th                                            Various Scriptures

"life Is In The Blood"                                                          June 4th                                             Matthew 26:28&29

"little things"                                                                        June 11th                                            Various Scriptures

"A Father of God's own Choosing"                                     June 18th                                            Genesis 17;15-19; 22:1-2

Pastor on Vacation, did not record                                       June 25th

Pastor on Vacation, did not record                                       July 2nd

Pastor on Vacation, did not record                                       July 9th

"Above and Beyond"                                                           July 16th                                             Various Scriptures

The 23rd Psalm

"The Lord is MY Shepherd"                                                July 23rd                                             Psalm 23:1

"The Pause That Refreshes"                                                July 30th                                              Psalm 23:2

"He Leadeth Me"                                                                August 6th                                            Psalm 23:2-3

"He Restoreth My Soul"                                                                     August 13th                                                    Psalm 23:3 

Did not record, will re-record soon                                                    August 20th                                                     Psalm 23:4

"Thy Rod and Thy Staff, they comfort me"                               August 27th                                                     Psalm 23:4

"A Banquet Prepared by God's Grace"                                        September 3rd                                                  Psalm 23:5 

"The Home at the End of the Way"                                               September 10th                                                Psalm 23:6

"Grace"                                                                                                 September 17th                                                Ephesians 2:1-10

"God's Attitude toward "Do-Nothingism""                                          September 24th                                                Judges 5:1-23

"Commitment"                                                                          October 1st                                              Acts 27:22-25; 28:16-31

"God's Word is Inspired"                                                          October 8th                                      2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21

"God's Word is Profitable"                                                        October 15th                                              2 Timothy 3:15-17

"God's Word is Powerful"                                                         October 22nd                                          Hebrews 4:12; 1 John 5:13
                                                                               Second service did not record....sorry

"Why I Love God's Word"                                                         October 29th                                          Psalm 119:97-104

              "The Word of Salvation"                                               October 29th                                         Luke 23:39-43

Newfound Area Churches

"No Longer for Themselves"                                                            January 16th 2017                                             2 Corinthians 5:11-21 

"Taking up for Lent"                                                                         March 15th 2017                                                John 3:1-21

Annual Gathering 2017

Closing message by Rev. Dale Edwards; Executive Minister ABC/VNH

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