Bristol Baptist Church

"Come and Worship Christ The Lord"

Meeting Time 10AM  Sunday, Sunday School at 9AM
Phone 603-744-3885, Email pastorwayne@bristolbaptistchurch.org
Pastor Wayne R. Toutaint

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Bristol Baptist Church Ministries
Sunday School

Sunday School for all ages is available at 9:00 am Sundays.  The adults meet in the parsonage (next door to the church) and the children meet in the church vestry.

Sunday School runs from the second Sunday in September through the first Sunday in June.  This gives our Sunday School staff the time needed to prepare for Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is the first full week in August and is available for children from Kindergarten through middles school.
To learn more about this years Vacation Bible School follow the link above to Upcoming Events.

Prayer Meeting

Tuesday evenings we meet at the parsonage (next door to the church) at 6:00 PM for a time of prayer.  Our prayers focus not only on the sick and ill, but praying for spiritual growth and revival in our nation.  It is also a time to share praises to our Great God for all the wonderful things He has done!

Bible Study

Tuesday evenings following our time of prayer at 6:00 PM we look into God's Word.  Pastor Wayne leads the study but we all learn one from another.  We try to finish at 7:00PM but most probably will last until 7:30 depending on how long our time of prayer lasts.


Every Tuesday morning the ladies meet for a time of prayer at 10:00 am and they meet at one of the local women's home.  For information where they are meeting please call the church phone number listed above.

On the first Wednesday of each month the ladies gather in the church vestry for a time of fellowship and worship. 


Although we currently do not have an active men's group, some of us meet on the second Saturday of each month for prayer at 7:00 AM.  We meet year round at Inspiration Point, unless the weather is too bad, then we meet in the church vestry.  This time of prayer is attended by men from several of the churches in the area, and all Christian Men are invited to come. 

 Most of the time there will be rides available for those men that cannot make it to the top of Inspiration Point.  Although it is a short distance, there is a steep hill to climb.  If you are a man that is interested and need a ride to the top, call the church number listed above.

Newfound Area Churches (NAC)

Bristol Baptist works with several of the churches in the Newfound area to not only show the love of Christ but to promote unity among Christians and to share The Gospel.

We have special worship services during Advent, Lent, Prayer for Christian Unity week with each of the NAC churches taking turns.  These are followed by a light lunch and a time of fellowship.

Together we support Crop Walk raising money for the hungry of the world as well as our local community.

We also work together with Habitat for Humanity by providing lunches during their builds in the local area, and some of our people work on the houses being built by Habitat.